¡Que Asco!


¡Que Asco! (“Kay assko”, Spanish for gross) came together with a dedication to making a raw, pure, powerful sound. Years spent touring as a folk musician and living a peaceful life in Spain left Joshua Caole desperate to get back to his hardcore roots in South Wales. A meeting with Zefur Wolves drummer Danny Joseph Wall and their shared love of the search for the perfect 3 minute song birthed something special. In a landscape where “real” is so easily faked its lost all meaning, ¡Que Asco! reacquaints the listener with the thrill of truths told simply but passionately, the power of immediacy, drunk on the possibilities still to be found within their pared-back sound. This far into the 21st Century, the aesthetics of punk-rock have devolved to the point where the music’s essential unforced, unvarnished assault can be easily faked. Some Silicon Valley posh-chops is probably right now cooking up a plug-in that can make rich kids playing instruments their daddy bought ’em sound like street urchins who just broke into Albini’s Electrical Audio studio, the sound and the fury betrayed so it has all the meaning of a pair of faux-vintage ripped 501s with an eye-watering price tag. But still, even in this debased landscape, there’s still space for a band to make their noise as pure, simple and momentous as they can, and make one hell of an impact. ¡Que Asco! is just such a band. Influences include Sonic Youth, Pavement, Nirvana, Trail of Dead, Unwound.